I’d love to hear Apple’s rationale for the Home Indicator on iPad Pro given that home button iPads work identically without it. This is made even worse given the fact that it breaks otherwise fine apps from going edge to edge.

“Your guy’s unabated enthusiasm for voting helped me get my butt out there today. Now imma lie in bed and watch queer eye and pass out”


Introducing my new podcast, Overanalyzed.

Early in the year, my old coworker, Jun, and I were discussing how we missed our lunch time chats where we’d overanalyze various things going on in our lives. As two people who love podcasts, naturally we thought why not make a show of these conversations.

It has taken some time for us to get in a rhythm and find our stride, but today we’re announcing our fortnightly podcast Overanalyzed. There are six episodes up. The most recent one is fitting for today – it’s about taxation. Subscribe if you’d like and tell a friend!

Imagining a world where Xcode runs on iPad Pro. The “simulator” would be the actual device, a second monitor can be plugged into the USB C port. Gimme.

Is there a way to tell Hulu that our household already has the XS and XR and we don’t need to see the ad every time?

Never have paid for express delivery until today. iPad Pro 12.9, I’ll see you soon.

Just did some quick math on potential iPad Pro dimensions. The 12.9 could foreseeably be ~1 inch bigger in both dimensions than my beloved 10.5. Wonder if I will go to the bigger size class this year.