NFL 2021 Week 3 Bets

Busy week and never posted my week 3 calls. Gonna quickly go through my thoughts and results and throw up week 4 while TNF kicks off.

Weekly Results: 9-7 -1.43 bucks
Overall Results: 31-17 -3.15 bucks

Panthers @ Texans

If I recall correctly, this was a pretty big spread that the Panthers ended up covering. That said, I just went with the ML.

Panthers ML ✅

Cardinals @ Jags

The Cardinals were a 7 point favorite on the road. Jags don’t look good so it was an easy pick and luckily an easy win.

Cardinals -7 ✅

Ravens @ Lions

Well, thought the Ravens would do their job and win by a good margin. We all know how they won… just happy they pulled that off and aren’t 1-2 like the Chiefs. Lost a 3x bet here.

Ravens -9 ❌

WFT @ Bills

WFT was a 7.5 point underdog which felt a bit too rich for me against a Bills team that has had up and downs.

WFT +7.5 ❌

Chargers @ Chiefs

Chiefs were a 6.5 point favorite at home in a divisional game that they really wanted to win after a disappointing loss to the Ravens. Narratives didn’t matter here, Chargers won.

Chiefs -6.5 ❌

Bears @ Browns

Browns were a 7 point favorite against a Bears team that has been quesetionable. I was excited to see Fields finally start but horrid play calling and way too much pressure proved to be too much for him.

Browns -7 ✅

Colts @ Titans

Titans were a 5.5 favorite against a Colts team led by a Wentz on two bum ankles. Give me the underperforming Titans here.

Titans -5.5 ✅

Saints @ Patriots

Saints were given 2.5 points and I felt like this was a game they could win against the rookie QB.

Saints +2.5 ✅

Falcons @ Giants

Giants were a 3 point favorite at home, so basically a split. I like them better than I like the Falcons at this point.

Giants -3 ❌

Bengals @ Steelers

Steelers look bad bad and Bengals are looking pretty good (which I called in our State of the Division episode). Give me the Bengals at +3

Bengals +3 ✅

Jets @ Broncos

I felt like the Broncos were going to wreck the Jets with their suffocating D and the Jets sporting a rocky rookie QB. They did the thing.

Broncos -10.5

Dolphins @ Raiders

A hot Raiders team was a 4 point favorite against the Dolphins on their backup QB. Felt like a dub, but alas, lost this double up too.

Raiders -4 ❌

Bucs @ Rams

Didn’t love having to pick this one. Bucs -1.5 on the road turned out to be too rich.

Bucs -1.5 ❌

Seahawks @ Vikings

I couldn’t believe the Seahawks were only a 1.5 point favorite. Thought it was an easy dub, I was off on this week. I blame Greek Festival distractions 😝

Seahawks -1.5 ❌

Packers @ 49ers

Packers were a 3.5 point underdogs on the road. 49ers are a disciplined team but I think Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are warming up after their week 1 dud.

Packers +3.5 ✅

Eagles @ Cowboys

Cowboys were only a 3.5 point favorite at home against an Eagles team that I think is a bit overhyped. Felt good about this one.

Cowboys -3.5 ✅

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