NFL 2021 Week 4 Bets

Last week was a bit rough for me and ready for a bounce back.

Week Result: 10-6, +.33 bucks (need to stop weighing the wrong bets and just raise min bid everywhere)
Overall Results: 41-23, -2.82 bucks

Jaguars @ Bengals

I accidentally locked in the Bengals at -6 last week before they beat the Steelers. Still felt good about it but with them down 14 as I write this… not so great now!

Bengals -6

Titans @ Jets

Titans are a 6.5 point favorite over the Jets who have been struggling. I know the Titans lack AJ Brown and potentially Julio Jones, but I think they can get it done against an underwhelming Jets team.

Titans -6.5 x3

Lions @ Bears

Bears are a 3 point favorite against the scrappy Lions. The Lions are probably due, and I am probably lighting money on fire thinking Nagy can redeem himself after last week.

Bears -3

WFT @ Falcons

WFT are a 1 point favorite on the road against the Falcons. Neither of these feel great. Both teams are a bit lost so far.

WFT -1

Colts @ Dolphins

The Jacoby Brissett revenge game! Dolphins a 2 point favorite at home and I think they are the better team, so I’ll go with them.

Dolphins -2

Browns @ Vikings

Browns are only a 2 point favorite and I think they are the much better team. I’ll buy that. and double up the bet.

Browns -2 x2

Panthers @ Cowboys

Really interesting matchup with the undefeated Panthers facing the underrated by Vegas (in my opinion) Cowboys. Cowboys a 4 point favorite and I am taking them here. Lets see what Darnold and the Panthers D are made of!

Cowboys -4 x2

Chiefs @ Eagles

Chiefs must be stunned to be 1-2 in September. Eagles are about to get beat up by an angry squad.

Chiefs -7

Giants @ Saints

Giants are a 7 point underdog and I think they can cover that on the road.

Giants +7

Texans @ Bills

Bills are a stunning 17 point favorite at home against the Texans. I usually stray away from these game but I recall when I thought the Ravens couldn’t do that to the Jets in 2019 and missed out on some EZ money.

Bills -17 ✅

Seahawks @ 49ers

Really hard game to pick . 49ers are a 2.5 point favorite and I think they are disciplined enough to win the game and win it by at least FG.

49ers -2.5

Cardinals @ Rams

I bet this game goes back and forth and is close so I will take the 4.5 points and the Cardinals in what might be a shootout.

Cardinals +4.5 ✅

Ravens @ Broncos

Ravens are a point underdog at Mile High. Lets see if the Ravens can give the Broncos their first L.

Ravens +1 (should have done ML, oh well) x5

Steelers @ Packers

Packers are a 6.5 point favorite against the Steelers who are led by a hella washed Big Ben. I’ll take the other old man QB.

Packers -6.5

Bucs @ Patriots

Oh yes, the Brady revenge game. Boy is gonna rip his old team a new one in his old stadium. I forgot to multiply my bet on this “lock” but asked a buddy to help me out and I think it’ll be a 6x bet.

Bucs -6.5 x6

Raiders @ Chargers

Raiders are facing a Chargers team that just beat the Chiefs. We know how draining beating them can be so I can see the Chargers having a bit of a hangover and the sneaky good Raiders covering.

Raiders +3.5

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