No one asked, but I think Duke is the best Genesis album.

Hard to find a drummer with such an incredible breath of work. Unbelievable synopsis of Neil Peart’s full career.

Remember when we took daylight out of the evening to give us sunlight in the morning? Well its nearly 7am and its still dark out. We done goofed.

Happy to say Adele managed to launch yet another excellent album on the same day as a Prog legend. 25 was on the same day as Rush’s R40 Live, and 30 Genesis’ The Last Domino?

I already miss the Touch Bar. Going back to set in plastic Function keys is definitely worse. I feel like context-aware tactile buttons is the future of this area and we’re just not there yet.

Planning on naming the new MacBook Pro MacBook Unleashed, but accepting naming idea suggestions. Took me a while to come up with that.

Alec’s MacBook Pro aka 2012 rMBP had a good run.