Time is running out for the Ravens to capture lightning in a bottle like last year. Short week against the undefeated Steelers on Turkey Day. Hope they can turn it around. #mbnov

The Ravens felt right on the border of turning it on for the end of the season after a great second half in Indianapolis. However the prime time Patriots game was a major speed bump full of injury. We’ll see if they bounce back today in a critical game against the Titans.

Since last winter I’ve been talking about getting flannel jeans for the colder months. I’m happy to say they have arrived today. #mbnov

And they said it wasn’t possible to drive more than one monitor using a M1 Mac 😏

DisplayLink says otherwise.

For scaling my 27’ 4K monitor to 5K resolution (DisplayLink only offered 1080p Retina) I needed to also use a USB C to HDMI adapter. Easy enough. #mbnov

I’m discouraged by the public’s dependence on local and national leadership when it comes to Thanksgiving plans. Looks like no one wants to be the party pooper. #mbnov

Just exported a 50 minute 4K 60fps video in iMovie in about 80 minutes on MacBook Pro powered by M1. Never heard the fan. Oh… and I kept using the machine through the render and got that time. It stuttered 2 times.

I’m so happy I was able to find a M1 MacBook Pro today at a local store and pick it up. This computer has been totally silent so far and quite performant, even with only 8 gigs of RAM. Liking the Touch Bar too, need to train myself to look at it and find uses. #mbnov

Today’s word is inspiring a listen through of Scenes From A Memory. #mbnov

The Ravens are playing far worse than anyone anticipated. Injuries have been brutal, but this still isn’t acceptable. #mbnov