NFL 2021 Week 5 Bets

I went 10 and 6 last week but only made .33 because of upping my bets on the wrong games. This week I took my own advice and slightly upped my unit to two full dollars and didn’t vary too much. Except when I did…

Week Result: 8-7-1
Overall Results: 49-30-1

Rams @ Seahawks

Definitely an interesting game I am interested in watching and I could see it going either way. I am going to say the Rams get their offense going against the Seahawks D and cover.

Rams -2.5

Jets @ Falcons

When both teams are trash, take the underdog to cover.

Jets +3.5

Eagles @ Panthers

Panthers are doing quite well led by Darnold. Not sure if CMC will be back but I don’t think it matters. Their D can take care of the Hurts led Eagles.

Panthers -3.5

Packers @ Bengals

Packers are visiting the Bengals and are only 3 point favorites. Bengals are better than people think but I think the Packers can easily cover.

Packers -3 PUSH

Patriots @ Texans

Patriots are a 8.5 point favorite against the Texans. While I don’t think either team is good, the Texans are a special sort of bad. Their homefield advantage doesn’t feel worth 3 points.

Patriots -8.5 x.5

Titans @ Jags

Titans are a 4 point underdog to the Jags who we saw do decent on Thursday night in the first quarter before collapsing. Do the Jags have a coach? lol. I’ll take the Titans to get right against the Jags after embarrassing themselves against the Jets.

Titans -4

Broncos @ Steelers

I hated this one. Broncos are likely lead by Lazer Locked Into His First Read and Steelers the corpse of Big Ben. Steelers figure it out at home. Gross.

Steelers -1

Saints @ WFT

The Saints feel like a lost team. I heard a crazy stat that QBs vs the WFT are doing really well in fantasy. Folks thought the WFT defense would be better. I expect the Heinicke to McLaurin connection to click at home and cover.

WFT +2

Lions @ Vikings

Lions are a 9 point underdog against the Vikings. Wow! I think they are scrappy enough to cover.

Lions +9

Dolphins @ Bucs

I think the Bucs have something to prove at home after not covering in the Brady Bowl. Dolphins aren’t as good as I thought they’d be on both sides of the ball.

Bucs -10

Browns @ Chargers

Reports came out that Baker has been playing hurt. Chargers are hot and at home. Easy.

Chargers -1.5

49ers @ Cardinals

Lots of uncertainty around this game. 49ers are possibly starting Lance. Cardinals are the lone undefeated team, can they keep it up? Yes. Spread made me a bit anxious but nevertheless

Cardinals -5.5 x1.5

Bears @ Raiders

Raiders are at home and will get Fields. I expect their D to throw him for a loop.

Raiders -5

Giants @ Cowboys

Cowboys sneaky good D and rolling offense take care of the not very good Giants.

Cowboys -7

Bills @ Chiefs

Mannn tough one! A possible postseason preview. I’ll take the Chiefs to cover since they have more on the line and are at home.

Chiefs -2.5

Colts @ Ravens

Ravens on Monday Night Football with yours truly contributing to the 12th man. Lock it in.

Ravens -6.5 x2.5

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