My wife accidentally bought single ply toilet paper and now I feel like I’m at M&T Bank Stadium whenever I need some. 💩

I can barely tolerate watching vertical video at all so you can imagine my reaction to hearing TikToks can now go 10 minutes.

The dirty organ & vocal harmonies have this song totally stuck in my head.

No one asked, but I think Duke is the best Genesis album.

Hard to find a drummer with such an incredible breath of work. Unbelievable synopsis of Neil Peart’s full career.

NFL 2021 Week 17 Picks

This would be the last week of the year if it weren’t for the additional game. I’m at least 24 games over 50 at this point so I’ll likely finish in the green this year.

NFL 2021 Week 16 Bets

I have fallen off the wagon hard with keeping my blog up to date with this series. Back filling with this post. I will probably just compute at the end of the year.