NFL 2021 Week 6 Bets

Doing something different this week and using Tallysight to make all my picks and post my quips. Here is the graphic overview and you can click in to see all of my quips.

This week: 10-4
Overall Results: 59-34-1

And of course, you can watch me and Jason discuss our picks using the DraftKings lines.

NFL 2021 Week 5 Bets

I went 10 and 6 last week but only made .33 because of upping my bets on the wrong games. This week I took my own advice and slightly upped my unit to two full dollars and didn’t vary too much. Except when I did…

Week Result: 8-7-1
Overall Results: 49-30-1

Rams @ Seahawks

Definitely an interesting game I am interested in watching and I could see it going either way. I am going to say the Rams get their offense going against the Seahawks D and cover.

Rams -2.5

Jets @ Falcons

When both teams are trash, take the underdog to cover.

Jets +3.5

Eagles @ Panthers

Panthers are doing quite well led by Darnold. Not sure if CMC will be back but I don’t think it matters. Their D can take care of the Hurts led Eagles.

Panthers -3.5

Packers @ Bengals

Packers are visiting the Bengals and are only 3 point favorites. Bengals are better than people think but I think the Packers can easily cover.

Packers -3 PUSH

Patriots @ Texans

Patriots are a 8.5 point favorite against the Texans. While I don’t think either team is good, the Texans are a special sort of bad. Their homefield advantage doesn’t feel worth 3 points.

Patriots -8.5 x.5

Titans @ Jags

Titans are a 4 point underdog to the Jags who we saw do decent on Thursday night in the first quarter before collapsing. Do the Jags have a coach? lol. I’ll take the Titans to get right against the Jags after embarrassing themselves against the Jets.

Titans -4

Broncos @ Steelers

I hated this one. Broncos are likely lead by Lazer Locked Into His First Read and Steelers the corpse of Big Ben. Steelers figure it out at home. Gross.

Steelers -1

Saints @ WFT

The Saints feel like a lost team. I heard a crazy stat that QBs vs the WFT are doing really well in fantasy. Folks thought the WFT defense would be better. I expect the Heinicke to McLaurin connection to click at home and cover.

WFT +2

Lions @ Vikings

Lions are a 9 point underdog against the Vikings. Wow! I think they are scrappy enough to cover.

Lions +9

Dolphins @ Bucs

I think the Bucs have something to prove at home after not covering in the Brady Bowl. Dolphins aren’t as good as I thought they’d be on both sides of the ball.

Bucs -10

Browns @ Chargers

Reports came out that Baker has been playing hurt. Chargers are hot and at home. Easy.

Chargers -1.5

49ers @ Cardinals

Lots of uncertainty around this game. 49ers are possibly starting Lance. Cardinals are the lone undefeated team, can they keep it up? Yes. Spread made me a bit anxious but nevertheless

Cardinals -5.5 x1.5

Bears @ Raiders

Raiders are at home and will get Fields. I expect their D to throw him for a loop.

Raiders -5

Giants @ Cowboys

Cowboys sneaky good D and rolling offense take care of the not very good Giants.

Cowboys -7

Bills @ Chiefs

Mannn tough one! A possible postseason preview. I’ll take the Chiefs to cover since they have more on the line and are at home.

Chiefs -2.5

Colts @ Ravens

Ravens on Monday Night Football with yours truly contributing to the 12th man. Lock it in.

Ravens -6.5 x2.5

Reminded that Release Notes was 2 years ago. What an excellent time. Still benefiting from the relationships and learnings gained there. Thank you @joec and @dazeend

Apple didn’t disappoint on this anniversary of Steve’s death a decade ago. Front page commemoration on their homepage with a video and statement from the Jobs family.

NFL 2021 Week 4 Bets

Last week was a bit rough for me and ready for a bounce back.

Week Result: 10-6, +.33 bucks (need to stop weighing the wrong bets and just raise min bid everywhere)
Overall Results: 41-23, -2.82 bucks

Jaguars @ Bengals

I accidentally locked in the Bengals at -6 last week before they beat the Steelers. Still felt good about it but with them down 14 as I write this… not so great now!

Bengals -6

Titans @ Jets

Titans are a 6.5 point favorite over the Jets who have been struggling. I know the Titans lack AJ Brown and potentially Julio Jones, but I think they can get it done against an underwhelming Jets team.

Titans -6.5 x3

Lions @ Bears

Bears are a 3 point favorite against the scrappy Lions. The Lions are probably due, and I am probably lighting money on fire thinking Nagy can redeem himself after last week.

Bears -3

WFT @ Falcons

WFT are a 1 point favorite on the road against the Falcons. Neither of these feel great. Both teams are a bit lost so far.

WFT -1

Colts @ Dolphins

The Jacoby Brissett revenge game! Dolphins a 2 point favorite at home and I think they are the better team, so I’ll go with them.

Dolphins -2

Browns @ Vikings

Browns are only a 2 point favorite and I think they are the much better team. I’ll buy that. and double up the bet.

Browns -2 x2

Panthers @ Cowboys

Really interesting matchup with the undefeated Panthers facing the underrated by Vegas (in my opinion) Cowboys. Cowboys a 4 point favorite and I am taking them here. Lets see what Darnold and the Panthers D are made of!

Cowboys -4 x2

Chiefs @ Eagles

Chiefs must be stunned to be 1-2 in September. Eagles are about to get beat up by an angry squad.

Chiefs -7

Giants @ Saints

Giants are a 7 point underdog and I think they can cover that on the road.

Giants +7

Texans @ Bills

Bills are a stunning 17 point favorite at home against the Texans. I usually stray away from these game but I recall when I thought the Ravens couldn’t do that to the Jets in 2019 and missed out on some EZ money.

Bills -17 ✅

Seahawks @ 49ers

Really hard game to pick . 49ers are a 2.5 point favorite and I think they are disciplined enough to win the game and win it by at least FG.

49ers -2.5

Cardinals @ Rams

I bet this game goes back and forth and is close so I will take the 4.5 points and the Cardinals in what might be a shootout.

Cardinals +4.5 ✅

Ravens @ Broncos

Ravens are a point underdog at Mile High. Lets see if the Ravens can give the Broncos their first L.

Ravens +1 (should have done ML, oh well) x5

Steelers @ Packers

Packers are a 6.5 point favorite against the Steelers who are led by a hella washed Big Ben. I’ll take the other old man QB.

Packers -6.5

Bucs @ Patriots

Oh yes, the Brady revenge game. Boy is gonna rip his old team a new one in his old stadium. I forgot to multiply my bet on this “lock” but asked a buddy to help me out and I think it’ll be a 6x bet.

Bucs -6.5 x6

Raiders @ Chargers

Raiders are facing a Chargers team that just beat the Chiefs. We know how draining beating them can be so I can see the Chargers having a bit of a hangover and the sneaky good Raiders covering.

Raiders +3.5