iPad Pro 12.9 Hot Takes

Mind you I was only able to thumb around the iPad for a few minutes while it was still redownloading everything before having to head out but here are some quick thoughts.

  • Wow this guy is pretty unwieldy in hand. Notably heavier than my 10.5, which feels impossibly light.
  • I like how the keyboard includes the number row. I do not like the delete key location because it totally messes with my muscle memory of how iPads work.
  • I can’t wait to get my Apple Pencil and more importantly the Keyboard Folio for this device. I feel like I can’t properly evaluate it and compare it to my 10.5 until that occurs. 1
  • Curse Apple for forcing the home indicator on this device. Almost all my apps have not been updated and have the black borders. And some apps that have been “updated” like Facebook Messenger look horrid with a punted black status bar and home indicator strip. I hope this improves quickly.
  • I opened Ferrite and am very excited to edit tomorrow’s podcast on this guy.

By the way, I suppose I am officially ready to get rid of my 10.5 inch iPad Pro2. If you’re interested I’m looking to sell it for 700 with Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and the Lightning to USB and Power adapter which is 950+ new from Apple today.

  1. It amazes me that the accessories for iPad, like the original Apple case (I was quite fond of that case; I know many weren’t), can almost be harder to find than the actual device.
  2. Though I am hesitant given the fact that I lack all the accessories still

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