Unhealthy Relationship with Rest Days

As I have gotten into the routine of working out every day, I have run into a problem: Rest Days. Anyone with an Apple Watch knows how it incentives 30 minutes of exercise every day. This month was near perfect besides the day after WWDC. I’m working towards my 3rd straight perfect week badge. But I think my body is telling me today to take a rest day, and this isn’t the first time. Today I’m feeling especially run down and its a busy evening so I am contemplating a rest day more so than ever. I think my fear with taking a day off is associate with my fear of losing momentum. I need to get over the rings and focus on what will truly result in a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. @muncman Activity++ allows one rest day every six days and still shows an active steak. I do like your idea of averaging the rings over the week. One friend recommended keeping the move ring relatively low but hope to double it each day etc.

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