NFL 2021 Week 1 Bets

This year I wanted to take a stand and bet on every NFL game and see how I do. I’ll post my results weekly. Assume a dollar bet unless I say otherwise.

I also recorded a YouTube episode with Jason from HuddleItUpFilms. Check it out here. For this we only pick from the spread and also pick our Locked In pick of the week.

Week Results: 10-6 but lost 9.44 bucks due to a calculation error by putting all winnings and then some into the Ravens MNF loss…

Cowboys @ Bucs

To start the year off we have the Cowboys traveling to the defending champs in Tampa Bay. The Bucs being favored by 9 seemed way too rich to me, but I decided to just take the over.


Chargers @ Football Team

After watching the Football Team’s depth in the Ravens preseason game with them, I’m not feeling them despite the Chargers traveling across the country.


49ers @ Lions

The 49ers spread was a bit too rich so I just took the moneyline.


Steelers @ Bills

Same as above, the spread was a bit hard to commit to.


Seahawks @ Colts

I don’t get this spread at all; Seahawks -2.5 feels like a smash pick.


Cardinals @ Titans

This is a spicy matchup a lot of betters are looking at. I believe in Murray outpacing the Titans’ attack.


Vikings @ Bengals

Going to say Cousins’ struggles to pass out of his plexiglass COVID castle.


Eagles @ Falcons

I didn’t love this matchup so naturally I bet on it twice 😅

PHILLY +3.5 ✅
OVER 48.5

Jets @ Panthers

I’m bullish on the Darnold post-Gase experience.


Jaguars @ Texans

Perhaps the first time I’ve ever agreed that the Jags should be the favorite.


Browns @ Chiefs

Tough spread but I think the Chiefs are good enough to cover.


Packers @ Saints

I feel like I’m missing something. Packers surely run away with this one, right?


Dolphins @ Patriots

Tough game to pick but I’ll take Tua over the rookie.


Broncos @ Giants

I should have bet more on this game. Another line I don’t get. Broncos are going to dominate this game via their defense.


Bears @ Rams

The spread here was pretty rich at -9, and I think if the Bears didn’t have take lock and started Fields, it would be worth taking them covering. Instead I sheepishly took the moneyline.


Ravens @ Raiders

I locked in 5 bucks on the -4.5 line months ago assuming it would get far worse instead of better. Threw my winnings from yesterday on the -3.5 (6 bucks). After a summer of devastating injuries, I could have had it for less. Either way, I expect the Ravens to handily cover like they have every week 1 in recent memory.

RAVENS -4.5 ❌😭🤬
RAVENS -3.5 ❌😭🤬

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