Just exported a 50 minute 4K 60fps video in iMovie in about 80 minutes on MacBook Pro powered by M1. Never heard the fan. Oh… and I kept using the machine through the render and got that time. It stuttered 2 times.

I’m so happy I was able to find a M1 MacBook Pro today at a local store and pick it up. This computer has been totally silent so far and quite performant, even with only 8 gigs of RAM. Liking the Touch Bar too, need to train myself to look at it and find uses. #mbnov

Today’s word is inspiring a listen through of Scenes From A Memory. #mbnov

The Ravens are playing far worse than anyone anticipated. Injuries have been brutal, but this still isn’t acceptable. #mbnov

Who would have thought that its now spooky to have a close encounter with someone when you can fully see their face. #mbnov

I guess my new iPhone was configured properly. Looks like a few apps didn’t make the trip over – first time using the wireless phone to phone transfer method. #mbnov

It’s not too hard to know how I feel about a matter because I wear my heart on my sleeve. #mbnov

I’d say Apple delivered yesterday, despite some folks quibbling about RAM and I/O limitations. The future is bright for the Mac. Excited for my MacBook Pro to arrive. #mbnov

Rumor has it that Maryland will go back to Stage 2 of COVID protocols. Glad that a change is being made. These restrictions are for all of us, not just the elderly and more vulnerable. #mbnov

Despite what some may think, I consider software a creative job. Like any creative job, it can be hard to force.

I’ll never forget the story of Rush’s “Force Ten.” As the story goes, it was the last song they wrote to have a ten track album. Somehow, it was one of the best.