Glad people are enjoying my coffee enough to photograph it like this! Still working through holiday shipments, my supplies were delayed a few weeks.

A lack of frequent conversations in Greek is why I found it so hard to reinforce my learnings. #mbnov

Finished a not-so-pedestrian bike ride to the Tidal Basin this morning. #mbnov

Hope we get more leadership from Hogan this weekend than “wear the damn mask” #mbnov

Facing the creator’s dilemma today while trying to assemble the footage I shot yesterday while cooking. I know what I want it to look like, but struggling to get it there. #mbnov

Between the COVID schedule changes and last minute injury updates its time to adjust my ranks and lineups. #mbnov

Although I’m not going anywhere tomorrow, this will be the hardest Thanksgiving schedule I’ve ever had to maintain coordinating cooking with FaceTime calls. #mbnov

The worst part of provisioning my new Mac to use work apps is the stupid Sophos installation it mandates isn’t up to date with Big Sur. Thus I get hourly popups asking me to give it permissions that I’ve already given it. #mbnov