So, turns out when you play the track, you do get the studio version. But all the meta data and album art would never make you think that, including the track length. I honestly don’t know how you could even code something up to bug out like this.

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  1. @JohnPhilpin yup, and that’s the main reason I abandoned my personal library in iTunes for Spotify. It covers most of my use cases except the occasional bootleg or indie band. Just getting reminded of it as I use HomePod more which I love for its sound quality, though I can’t manage to AirPlay to mine using any third party apps…

  2. @apulianas i guess it is all relative. My original collection of 500 plus vinyl albums sit in the UK with a friend. My close to 800 CDs sit in cardboard boxes stored downstairs – all ripped into digital and stored on a server beside my desk. I still haven’t reconciled paying yet again for all the music I own, particularly since I am yet to be convinced that the artists really get that much from the streaming services. The maths for me do not add up.

    It is interesting that the dev community complains about Apple’s tariff of 30% on software … it seems generous to me, when compared to how musicians are rewarded.

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