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  1. @adamprocter @apulianas I haven’t properly ejected a thumb drive or SD card in years. Much easier to hit enter to dismiss the shame-on-you dialog than to either find an open window and click the tiny eject icon or else drag the icon to the trash on the desktop. I forget that Alfred has an Eject command that would probably be easier though. Bad habit, but so far no known side effects. :)

  2. @jack I’ve destroyed many FAT file systems doing this. Most systems don’t check the FAT and assume it’s ok, so you never notice. Macs are especially prone to corrupting FAT (im my experience), because Spotlight will start indexing drives after while and writing to hidden files.

  3. @oyam yes, I’ve seen this (not for a while to be fair) but it mainly trashes FAT thumb drives that’s students would just yank out. The Windows way is much more confusing and many students don’t seem to know there is a safely remove hardware process

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