It’s not too hard to know how I feel about a matter because I wear my heart on my sleeve. #mbnov

I’d say Apple delivered yesterday, despite some folks quibbling about RAM and I/O limitations. The future is bright for the Mac. Excited for my MacBook Pro to arrive. #mbnov

Rumor has it that Maryland will go back to Stage 2 of COVID protocols. Glad that a change is being made. These restrictions are for all of us, not just the elderly and more vulnerable. #mbnov

Despite what some may think, I consider software a creative job. Like any creative job, it can be hard to force.

I’ll never forget the story of Rush’s “Force Ten.” As the story goes, it was the last song they wrote to have a ten track album. Somehow, it was one of the best.

Ravens in quite the bind after a miserable first half against the Colts. Injuries are piling up on the team, too. #mbnov

There were many factors that inflated my mood today outside of our new President-Elect. A memorable day, no doubt. #mbnov

As I start my first on-call shift today, I hope no puzzling incidents wake me up in the middle of the night. #mbnov

Anyone else stoop in their car when something tiny flies at the windshield, even though you know it can’t hit you? #mbnov

Whenever near the end of the work day, I awkwardly try to decide if I want to call it a day or continue to work alongside my west coast counterparts. #mbnov

Curious if my story today will astonish any of my family members, since I typically do not discuss politics unless engaged.