The good news is I met some awesome people and started to play bass again. The bad news is the show has been postponed due to weather. Since the rain date is during WWDC, I won’t get to rock out again to an audience, but I hope we play again! Good thing we had a backup bassist.

Blows my mind that I’ll be in San Jose in less than a week from today for my 3rd WWDC week. Beyond excited and blessed to be able to do this again. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

🍕 I’m always amused by the pizza slice dynamic at working meetings. Everyone takes two to start and gradually gets their third, though an order was made so everyone could have three. 🍕

My new, shorter, commute is making me fall further behind in podcasts. Hard to listen to all my favorites these days, let alone anything else.

I’ve mathematically graduated Grad School. So glad for that chapter to be over.

One more rotation around the sun (and a leap day) until I get to marry this incredible person. Can’t wait.

📷 Rachel Smith is awesome. 10/10 would recommend.