I want the Mac Pro embargo to drop more than most product launches, even though I have zero interest in the product personally. It’s been a long time comin’.

According to Spotify, I listen to music almost 25100 minutes every year, fluctuating less than an hour either way. So about 4.7% of my time I am listening to Spotify, or about one full CD a day.

It’s 10:10am EST on Black Friday and Christmas has exploded in my apartment.

“If you break it, I’ll break your head!” #YiayiaKnowsBest

A guy at work is selling his G4 Cube for 150 bucks and I am very compelled to buy it…

Now for my annually scheduled post complaining about the lack of daylight when I leave work.

So much time is spent on targeted ads to get an ad to watch The Good Place S4E1 before it’s off Hulu whilst watching S4E4…