Can’t help but be giddy about the new Shortcuts and iOS 13 after listening to the latest Automators.

Tootles San Jose. Now on to Seattle for the weekend before heading home.

Ended Dub Dub with quite the night. Thanks to everyone I met or saw again for making it such a great week. Until next year!

Had a great time at Dub Dub Fitness’ run this morning, breaking a PR. Thank you Curtis for organizing this. A year ago I couldn’t really run a 5K and this event inspired me to get in better shape about a year ago.

The good news is I met some awesome people and started to play bass again. The bad news is the show has been postponed due to weather. Since the rain date is during WWDC, I won’t get to rock out again to an audience, but I hope we play again! Good thing we had a backup bassist.

Blows my mind that I’ll be in San Jose in less than a week from today for my 3rd WWDC week. Beyond excited and blessed to be able to do this again. Can’t wait to see everyone there!