I find it interesting that so many people comment on my “thousand dollar phone.” Did they not realize the 7 Plus could cost over 900?

Completely forgot my Black Friday shopping tradition. Luckily, my local store had quite a few originals left over. Going to have to get on the list next year for the smaller batch variants.

Narrowly getting my daily blog post in. Today I spent far too much time playing this game. I recommend you stray away if you want to stay productive.

We wrote out a lot of Christmas cards this year. A first for me.

Can’t think of thanksgiving without thinking of Apple Pie. Can’t think of Apple Pie without thinking of this song by the Outer Vibe.


I have figured out why my work MacBook Pro TouchID doesn’t always work. It seems to have to do with me trying to use it too soon after waking it from sleep while it tries to reconnect to my monitors connected via a hub and HDMI dongle. Anyone else seen this behavior?

Walked past this guy on the way to the car after tonight’s show. Apple Store Walnut Street