MacBook Pro Woes

My personal MacBook Pro is a disaster at the moment, and I think it is because of iCloud Drive. I was trying to update Xcode and my OS at the same time and it said it ran out of disk space. I figured that was a possibility considering my 256 SSD is always fairly full. I deleted a 30 gig encrypted iPhone backup and it still thinks there isn’t enough space. I have done a few reboots and keep having the same result.

I got a pop up this morning when trying to figure out what was going on saying iCloud Drive might not be working right. When I clicked to open the preference pane, it looks like all iCloud services somehow got turned off. Problem is with my Mac so low on space, it is running glacier slow so I’ll have to see if I can fix it tonight.

I like the conveniences iCloud Drive provides me but it looks like if I want to have a reliable Mac experience and that sort of functionality I might have to switch to Dropbox.

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