Planning to watch this year’s iPhone keynote from Social Policy but my guess is no one else will be there. It’s gonna be weird being in San Jose during an Apple event that isn’t WWDC.

For years I have been ending my runs with 2112’s Grand Finale. Nothing gets me going quite like that song. Over the years the version has changed but with the R40 version flowing straight from a Lerxst guitar solo to the Grand Finale, I think I’ve landed on the perfect one.

I asked Siri to “Call Mom” for the countless time today but today it asked which, you have 8. Times like these make me wonder if I’ll ever see a truly intelligent AI.

It’s looking like I might finally make October’s Cocoaheads in Philly!

My computer is officially 6 years old today. I hope iMac gets a significant update in the next 12 months so I can feel good about replacing it. I hope they update it with an iMac Pro style cooling system.

”If there is a bad decision that can be made, Twitter will find a way to do it—they’ve proven that over and over again.”

Well said, Jim.

I’ve never won more than 10 games in a challenge so I feel really good about this.

Woah, just saw the big Baltimore bike news. It’s a shame that the bikeshare never got traction but I think Lime dockless bikes + Bird scooters have the potential to be a much better mobility solution.