I will forever and always be bothered by Ticketmaster every time I buy tickets to a show. 45 buck tickets with over 20 dollars in fees per head. It’s just crazy.

Sometimes I hold my iPad Pro sans Smart Keyboard and I can’t believe how thin and light this powerful device is. The awe I experience is similar to my thoughts on the first iPad in 2010. It’s remarkable how far the device has come.

Feeling worn out from a lack of good rest this week so I am not going to attempt to drive 4+ hours this evening to attend Philly’s Cocoaheads. I hope I will be able to attend soon! @zorn

Has anyone had difficulty AirPlaying Spotify or any other third party apps sound to HomePod? Mine has been totally stutter-y and unusable since launch and resetting it has not helped. Apple Support seems to be unaware of the issue.

For Christmas I got a Google Cardboard compatible dingus and I’ve just gotten around to playing with it and I’m acting like a kid. I want to do all the things in VR. What are responsibilities?

iPhone, iPad, and iCloud have all my calendar events. Looks like my Mac is not displaying certain events… Reopening, resyncing, etc don’t make them show. Gotta love it.

This time last year we got the earlier-than-expected announcement of WWDC. Hope we find out dates for this year soon even though we likely won’t also receive news of a whole new location again.