🏈 I thought the Eagles were the best team in football this year, but when I saw Wentz go down I was one of the people who thought their season was over. Congrats to Nick Foles and the rest of the team for overcoming and beating the Pats. 🏈

I’ve always had this idea of a set of Taurus pedals under my desk at work to trigger fat bass sounds to go along with whatever I’m listening to. This sensation has never been stronger than at a standing desk with Genesis’ “Mama” bumping in my ears.

I love my Apple Watch but of course it thinks I only got 10 hours of stand yesterday, my first day with a standing desk at work. Couldn’t be less true.

When your new office doesn’t have a microwave, it is not move in ready.

Apple should make an AR app so I can figure out if I want a Space Gray or White HomePod.

I know it is an unpopular opinion amongst some Rush fans, but I love Closer to the Heart live. It’s a shame they didn’t always do the jam outro, its what makes it next level in my opinion. I was particularly bummed when they didn’t for R40.

🎶 I find it interesting how I now love music many people in my age group grew up listening to, but at that time I was busy living in the 70’s and 80’s. For them its nostalgia, but its hard to call it that for me. I only passively heard these songs in my past.