So, turns out when you play the track, you do get the studio version. But all the meta data and album art would never make you think that, including the track length. I honestly don’t know how you could even code something up to bug out like this.

Go to iTunes, search for Domino off Invisible Touch, add to playlist. Every time I get the version from when I saw them live in 2007. Even straight out of the Apple Music area. Maddening.

Yesterday I made a whole bunch of scripts and aliases to simplify my every day development workflow. I know I’m late to the party but it was an interesting exercise naming these aliases and identifying the scripts worth my time to create.

I frequently got live versions when I asked for songs, which I just don’t understand. Shouldn’t the canonical studio album version always be the choice when you ask for a specific song?

Jason Snell on HomePod. I’ve experienced the same thing and it’s maddening.

Learned yesterday you can reclaim stand hours by adding a 1 minute walk workout via the Health app. Since I can’t always wear my Apple Watch, this is a nice trick. Perfect month, here I come.

2018 Resolution Update: February

Another update on my resolutions.


This one I’m most excited about. Every budget came in under projections this month — though I did up my Transportation budget 30 bucks for all months since I noticed I undershot that original estimate mainly because I added things like tolls, Lyfts, and parking to that total.

I haven’t spent time with any automation tools or apps like Mint to help with these expenses like I mentioned last month. I’m actually thinking of opening some additional savings accounts to better visualize the different things I am saving for so I don’t build too much lock in with a service like Mint.

Another thing I have gotten into is stocks outside my retirement savings. I made a small account and have made over 6% returns in the month, which makes me quite happy. I haven’t gotten in too deep yet, but I can definitely see myself spending more time with stocks in the second half of the year.

Lastly I got some good tips from this video that I hope to implement. One interesting one is to keep a month’s worth of expenses in a rolling monthly CD. I think that will be a nice augmentation to my rainy day fund.


I was better this month than last which is fantastic because last month was a big improvement too. One goal I have for March is to host some friends over for dinner. I miss making band meal and it would be a nice way to socialize with friends without having to spend money eating out.

Losing Weight

This morning I clocked in at 234, so I guess you can say that was an improvement, though I simply got back to the weight I started the year at. I lost my way at the gym again, but I did start it up again a few days ago (I honestly think this post is the reason for that). I plan to go tomorrow morning and keep this alternating schedule going.

I forgot to take measurements last month so tomorrow morning I am going to take them — assuming I have a measuring tape.


Again, I spent more time contemplating WWDC than coding.

I do have a plan, which again I came up with during my ride to work this morning. Forcing myself to give updates with my accomplishments makes me work on my shortcomings. I’m going to make an internal companion app that will help me data collection I need to do for my main app idea. This was a great idea from Curtis, who is definitely earning himself a beer or two next time I see him. Making this app for myself will help me get more familiar with Core Data and iOS development in general while also keeping it low pressure since this app will never go outside a TestFlight to anyone else I want to help with data collection.


I cleaned out some unused clothes from my closet and cleaned up my desk a bit. I want to finish cleaning off my desk this month which probably means getting some sort of drawer system or something. Or better utilizing the one I already have.

A car innovation for city dwellers would be adaptive parallel parking so cars are always optimally positioned. Currently my block is full of barely-too-small spots.

Siri really doesn’t know it’s audience sometimes. I asked for Aja. Instead of the Steely Dan album I’ve listened to several times, I got this.