Went into recovery mode and noticed that several weird volumes were taking up all the space on my Mac that I thought should be available. The First Aid tool said the disk looked fine but when I rebooted into macOS the disk had 40 gigs of free space and the computer was snappy.

It’s extremely frustrating the amount of misinformation going around about the iPhone battery problem. I don’t think Apple handled the situation correctly and should have let users know that a degrading battery causes slower performance.

So many questions. What is wheel? Why is it System and not me? How is there 156 MB available but only 207 GBs on the disk? Why didn’t I have permissions to save a screenshot?

MacBook Pro Woes

My personal MacBook Pro is a disaster at the moment, and I think it is because of iCloud Drive. I was trying to update Xcode and my OS at the same time and it said it ran out of disk space. I figured that was a possibility considering my 256 SSD is always fairly full. I deleted a 30 gig encrypted iPhone backup and it still thinks there isn’t enough space. I have done a few reboots and keep having the same result.

I got a pop up this morning when trying to figure out what was going on saying iCloud Drive might not be working right. When I clicked to open the preference pane, it looks like all iCloud services somehow got turned off. Problem is with my Mac so low on space, it is running glacier slow so I’ll have to see if I can fix it tonight.

I like the conveniences iCloud Drive provides me but it looks like if I want to have a reliable Mac experience and that sort of functionality I might have to switch to Dropbox.

Seriously considering taking my iPhone X to the Genius Bar. My phone has way more scratches on it than any previous iPhone and it is always in its own isolated pocket. Seen some others have the same issue. Anyone had any luck with them?

Made the fantasy football playoffs after a crazy, back and forth, Sunday Night Football game. First time in the championship game in my money league. I don’t see myself winning given my injuries this week, but I am proud of how well I managed the team this year.

It’s been a super stressful Sunday for Fantasy Football. My team has suffered 3 injuries today but with Gurley going off it looks like I’ll make the finals.

Didn’t win the grant to work on the ResearchKit app at work. It’s disappointing but given how much of a popularity contest it can be, I feel like I did well given that I’ve only been here for 2 months. Also the process of making the proposal and the people I met in the process was more than worth it.