Very iterative update to iPhone, but with the new size and because I am on the upgrade program, see you soon iPhone XS Max

Really happy to run the WWDC.Run trail this morning at an acceptable pace. A few months ago I couldn’t but now I’ll be ready for next year!

I’ll never understand why conference centers insist on making every room an ice box. Glad I packed ATP hoodie in my bag.

It’s 10:45 on a Monday morning and I could just walk up and grab a cold brew from SoPo. It’s certainly not WWDC week.

Super stoked that 🏈 is back. Disappointed I’ll be spending a majority of gametime in the air. Hopefully Southwest has the games in some capacity.

It’s nice to hear “Africa” more often on the radio but it bums me out that it’s always the Weezer version. It’s too close of a cover that isn’t executed well enough, in my opinion. They didn’t make it their own. 🎵

Pretty crazy that ESPN fantasy requires an image URL for your profile image. Luckily I have my own website to host it for them…

I wonder if it annoys Apple that they did all this engineering work to add cellular to the Apple Watch just to see carriers charge so much a month that almost no one uses the capability. Almost everyone I know doesn’t want to pay 10+ a month for the few times a month their watch is out of range from their phone.

I think there is a middle ground where you could pay as you go with data, calls, and texts that would appeal to many more users.

What a way to get my first perfect month ever. Failed attempt of a Baltimore Bike Party that ended up being a ride back to our place in monsoon.

Can’t wait for Fantasy Football Draft Weekend. I want to set up a situation room with all my tiers and rankings sheets, however I’m hosting so I’ll have to keep my trade secrets to myself.