🎶 I find it interesting how I now love music many people in my age group grew up listening to, but at that time I was busy living in the 70’s and 80’s. For them its nostalgia, but its hard to call it that for me. I only passively heard these songs in my past.

I just used blowaway as an adjective and its making me nostalgic for 2011.

When will faxing die? I cringe whenever asked to do so.

For today’s Micro Monday I recommend following @vincent. I’ve enjoyed reading his Code Challenge posts, following his quest to launch a new product.

Experiencing another iCloud Drive woe. Moved a file on my Mac to an iCloud Drive folder to access on my iPad. I can see the file on my iPhone, not my iPad. Restarted the device and force closed the Files app several times. It’s been hours.

Two remarkable games of football. Can’t believe the defense tried to light up Diggs instead of wrap him up. The Vikings make for a better story; I’m looking forward to next weekend’s games. 🏈

It’s a 🏈 kind of day. The Jags are off to an impressive start. Hoping to finish this album review today, too.

Feature request: if my AirPods case is at 20% or less, send a push notification to my phone. I won’t mind.