Just applied to be an election judge. Things I never thought I would say in 2016.

The first three weekends after Hamilton came out I watched it. Last weekend I watched hours of music theory videos about the soundtrack. And you can imagine what I just put on in the background as I do some tasks…

iOS 14 seems snappy and responsive. Going to do some testing tonight and maybe iPad will be running it by tomorrow. Great work Apple! #WWDC20 will be a treat this year.

For YEARS I have punted updating my Apple ID email in fear that something would break. I just did it and um… it was totally anti-climatic. Should have done this eons ago.

Roll the Bones

Why are we here? Because we’re here, roll the bones

Neil Peart

Today I had a longer commute to work than normal because of some errands I had to run. After listening to enough podcasts for one morning, I turned to some music. For some reason, I wanted to hear Rush’s 1991 Roll the Bones album. In retrospect, it was the perfect listen for the day.

As I air drummed my way into the parking lot at work, I knew it was my second to last day at a workplace I have simply loved. It’s still weird to say it – but tomorrow is my last day at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

I wasn’t looking for a new opportunity. I joke a golf ball blasted through my window. Once the opportunity presented itself and it became real, I decided I had to go for it. If not now, when?

On Monday I start at Microsoft in Reston, Virginia. I’m excited to sink my teeth into the unique technical challenges they’ll present.

It’s not easy to leave the incredible people I’ve worked with each day at APL. Tomorrow we’ll wrap up a delivery that’s years in the making. I’m proud of the way the team rallied despite a worldwide pandemic.

Before I wrap a bow on this journey, I wanted to acknowledge the people that made this experience so memorable and fulfilling. Emily, Stephen, and Danny – thanks for each encouraging me in your own way to join APL. It was everything you said it would be and more.

Shogun and Chum, I’ll never forget our divergence into mechanical watches during my interview. You both treated me so well over the years. I grew a ton and appreciate all the opportunities you gave me.

Matt, thanks for being my confidant during many decisions, including this one. I admire your jovial approach to professionalism.

And lastly Kris. I don’t know what to say. Best tech lead ever? Thank you. Thanks for always knowing where my head was. Thanks for sharing your stories. Thanks for your leadership. I’ve learned a ton and I’m sorry to go. It’s been a lot of fun.

A lot of folks told me to enjoy the greener pastures. To them I said, it’s just pastures. I truly don’t know if I will enjoy any workplace as much as I’ve enjoyed APL. Why does it happen? Because it happens, roll the bones.

I dare you to listen to “You Bet Your Life” by Rush and not be air drumming and dancing around by the outro.

Sign of the times – over a third of my iPad’s battery has gone towards video chat platforms over the last 10 days.

Measuring my desk area for a hypothetical iMac and sit stand desk setup. Wish there were more 5K monitor options – Dislike the idea of having a gorgeous monitor I can’t use with a work laptop, but also don’t want a Mac Mini. Hopefully a new iMac has display pass through again.

Two years ago, I pulled 10 years of historical weather data for this day. And what a beautiful day it is.