PSA: If you’re worried about losing text selection via 3D Touch with your new iPhone 11, you can still do it! After long pressing the space bar to enter cursor mode, tap the cursor with another finger to start text selection.

Just made my yearly donation to St. Jude as part of Relay.FM’s drive. Please consider doing the same. They provide life saving care to children for zero cost to their families.

Today is the beginning of the best time of year for me – fantasy football season! First and most complicated draft of my season is tonight. No warm ups.

Finally biked a new trail this year. 1/3 complete! Loved the rolling hills near Rock Creek. Should be easy to finish this goal by year’s end with all the local trails in our new digs.

No one sat next to me again for the flight home. Time to spread out and edit Ravens ReCAP!

Excited to record the next Ravens ReCAP this evening, despite being in a remote location. I couldn’t find a Bible in the room so this roll of toilet paper will have to do. Got to maintain good mic technique!

Alright, I am going in. iPadOS, here I come!

For Geddy’s 66th birthday, I wanted to highlight last Friday’s booksigning. Geddy asked me “How are you doing Alec?” I simply replied “Fantastic. This is awesome, thank you for taking the time to do this.” After he finished signing my book we fist bumped. It was a short encounter, but one I’m likely to never forget.

Had a great time listening to Fly From Here on the way to the beach for the first time in a while. This tweet from 7 years ago today holds up well.