Inebriator 9000

My senior year was highlighted by a year long Capstone course. I worked with a team to create the Inebriator 9000 with Magic Mix. This device acted as an automated bartender that you could control using your iPhone. The iPhone connected to the Inebriator 9000 via Bluetooth Low Energy, requiring no pairing. The use of […]

SAIC Intern

Over the past two summers I have interned for SAIC in Columbia, MD. During my first summer I was a Computer Engineering Intern. I programmed an I2C bus interface in VHDL. This new implementation allowed us to use faster and cheaper hardware. I also programmed a utility that would parse and clean up data files […]

Teaching Assistant

For the second half of my college career, I have been serving as a Teaching Assistant or TA at UMBC. I have helped bring to life two new learning experiences in the College of Computer Science and Engineering. As a TA I was responsible for helping design and grade assignments, occasionally present information in class, and […]

AccessMT: The Accessible Multitouch Table

During my sophomore year of college I worked on an accessibility project with Dr. Shaun Kane and Matthew Forr as part of UMBC’s The Pad Research Lab. We built from scratch a multitouch table with blind accessibility in mind. The table was made completely out of commercially available parts. I presented (download PowerPoint) my research findings at […]

Apple Campus Rep

After working at my local Apple Store for several months, I transitioned to being the Apple Campus Rep at UMBC. During this time I worked closely with the bookstore and other student groups on campus to hold events to showcase how Apple technologies can be used in education. I helped answer student’s questions about different […]

The Prog Rock Block

The Prog Rock Block started off as a show I did on my own but it didn’t blossom until I started doing the show with my co-host Chris. We now have listeners from all over the world! We absolutely love delivering the Proggy Goodness each week to our listeners. The Prog Rock Block has its […]

The Tech of Tomorrow

I am a Staff Writer for The Retriever Weekly and I publish a column I call “The Tech of Tomorrow.” The column focuses on bleeding edge technology that is just entering the market. You can find all my articles here.