Alright, I am going in. iPadOS, here I come!

For Geddy’s 66th birthday, I wanted to highlight last Friday’s booksigning. Geddy asked me “How are you doing Alec?” I simply replied “Fantastic. This is awesome, thank you for taking the time to do this.” After he finished signing my book we fist bumped. It was a short encounter, but one I’m likely to never forget.

Had a great time listening to Fly From Here on the way to the beach for the first time in a while. This tweet from 7 years ago today holds up well.

Over 18 months later and sometimes I still think to myself “they did it” when admiring the iPhone X design language. Definitely the pinnacle of Ive’s “inevitable” pursuit.

I’m very excited to finally get Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass next Friday. Why the delay? Because I was hoping to get it at a book signing from the man himself. That’s happening, too. 📚

I forgot how good Rush in Rio is. Yes, it’s the album that got me into my favorite band. But this listen through has been absolutely lovely.

No matter how many times I come into Baltimore via 395, I’m taken aback by the view of the city. I might not miss the commute, but I do miss that view every day.