I love how I can remotely update HomePod so that when I get home I can experience wondrous things such as multiple timers.

Not sure if it is because iOS 12 and watchOS 4 where not made to run together, but ever since upgrading to watchOS 5 my watch feels much much faster. Enjoy updating your devices and apps tomorrow! Lots of exciting stuff in store.

Well that was remarkable quick and easy. Nearly changed my order to the Gold 256 Xs Max but Silver is what I landed on. Got the cape blue sports loop while I was at it.

It’s 2018 and you still can’t hear reporter questions during sports press conferences.

The first year you could order any combination of band and watch. It was great.

Ever since the choices have been reduced and people have been clamoring for a build to order option. Will Apple ever do it?

Very iterative update to iPhone, but with the new size and because I am on the upgrade program, see you soon iPhone XS Max

Really happy to run the WWDC.Run trail this morning at an acceptable pace. A few months ago I couldn’t but now I’ll be ready for next year!

I’ll never understand why conference centers insist on making every room an ice box. Glad I packed ATP hoodie in my bag.

It’s 10:45 on a Monday morning and I could just walk up and grab a cold brew from SoPo. It’s certainly not WWDC week.