Apple should make an AR app so I can figure out if I want a Space Gray or White HomePod.

I know it is an unpopular opinion amongst some Rush fans, but I love Closer to the Heart live. It’s a shame they didn’t always do the jam outro, its what makes it next level in my opinion. I was particularly bummed when they didn’t for R40.

🎶 I find it interesting how I now love music many people in my age group grew up listening to, but at that time I was busy living in the 70’s and 80’s. For them its nostalgia, but its hard to call it that for me. I only passively heard these songs in my past.

I just used blowaway as an adjective and its making me nostalgic for 2011.

When will faxing die? I cringe whenever asked to do so.

For today’s Micro Monday I recommend following @vincent. I’ve enjoyed reading his Code Challenge posts, following his quest to launch a new product.