According to Spotify, I listen to music almost 25100 minutes every year, fluctuating less than an hour either way. So about 4.7% of my time I am listening to Spotify, or about one full CD a day.

It’s 10:10am EST on Black Friday and Christmas has exploded in my apartment.

“If you break it, I’ll break your head!” #YiayiaKnowsBest

A guy at work is selling his G4 Cube for 150 bucks and I am very compelled to buy it…

Now for my annually scheduled post complaining about the lack of daylight when I leave work.

So much time is spent on targeted ads to get an ad to watch The Good Place S4E1 before it’s off Hulu whilst watching S4E4…

Every Monday morning I lay in bed wanting to extend the weekend just a bit longer. Should be a good week, though.

Release Notes was the best conference I’ve ever attended, leaving out the location. It was thoughtfully crafted with ample time to talk to fellow conference goers after first class talks. But the location was pretty great, too. I promise I didn’t skip a moment of the talks.