Ended Dub Dub with quite the night. Thanks to everyone I met or saw again for making it such a great week. Until next year!

Had a great time at Dub Dub Fitness’ run this morning, breaking a PR. Thank you Curtis for organizing this. A year ago I couldn’t really run a 5K and this event inspired me to get in better shape about a year ago.

The good news is I met some awesome people and started to play bass again. The bad news is the show has been postponed due to weather. Since the rain date is during WWDC, I won’t get to rock out again to an audience, but I hope we play again! Good thing we had a backup bassist.

Blows my mind that I’ll be in San Jose in less than a week from today for my 3rd WWDC week. Beyond excited and blessed to be able to do this again. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

🍕 I’m always amused by the pizza slice dynamic at working meetings. Everyone takes two to start and gradually gets their third, though an order was made so everyone could have three. 🍕