Is there a way to tell Hulu that our household already has the XS and XR and we don’t need to see the ad every time?

Never have paid for express delivery until today. iPad Pro 12.9, I’ll see you soon.

Just did some quick math on potential iPad Pro dimensions. The 12.9 could foreseeably be ~1 inch bigger in both dimensions than my beloved 10.5. Wonder if I will go to the bigger size class this year.

My Apple Watch is doing that thing again where it has nearly identical usage to standby time and is burning through battery with zero way to tell who the bad actor is on the system.

Since I work on iPad more than ever these days, its no longer a question of if I’ll get the next generation iPad, its how much storage and which size to go for.

🎶 Live at The Royal Albert Hall by Alter Bridge Review

When I got the email that Alter Bridge recorded a live album with a full orchestra I was extremely hyped. Strings sections with rock music is my kryptonite, in a good way. I’ve greatly enjoyed listening to it and I recommend you check it out too. If you like what you hear, I recommend you to sit down with the Blu ray and a surround sound set up and soak it all in. With a full orchestra, the added channels of separation make for a clearer and more nuanced experience.

The Blu Ray also includes interviews with the band and the various people who made this special set of shows a reality. It is cool to hear them talk about Words Darker Than Their Wings which was a stand out track during my first listen. Apparently its been a fan favorite they have considered playing live for years, but Myles wasn’t so sure about it. Once you hear it, you’ll understand why. He hits a note at the end that is in the stratosphere. With the swelling crescendo of the Parallax Orchestra behind him, it is a goosebump inducing moment. I’m glad they played it and hopefully next time I see them live the ice has been broken and they’ll play it again.

This is one of the better live concert videos I’ve gotten in some time. I’m excited to see what Alter Bridge does next.

Checked to see if we have HBO for Pod Save America tonight (thought we got it for free when we got our first year). Not only do we have it, but it’s playing Taken which I’ve wanted to rewatch for a real long time. This will be an awesome night.