This time last year we got the earlier-than-expected announcement of WWDC. Hope we find out dates for this year soon even though we likely won’t also receive news of a whole new location again.

You can fart music that sounds better than Echo, as far as I’m concerned.

@joec has a way with words. A great read about voice assistants.

I’ll add that Apple’s approach with domains vs Amazon’s “bash command line” interface has the better chance to become the assistant imagined at the end of this piece. Normal users aren’t going to want to “pipe” together commands.

Never thought I would be the guy to say this, but I kinda wish I never upgraded to High Sierra. No noticeable changes and I just realized I lost Logic Pro 9. Yes I know its beyond time to get X but I don’t know if I can justify it. 9 would be super handy right now.

At my friends trying to listen to FM on his HomePod and it seems to think I want the radio, not the Steely Dan song. Doesn’t matter if I say “by Steely Dan”.

Looks like HomePod has its own alarm sound that is currently not customizable. Would be nice if you could set the alarm to be any song from the Apple Music library like iPhone. My Echo can do that with Spotify via voice command, though I find it to be sometimes inconsistent.

So it took a day to remember why I dropped Apple Music. Started playing some random live Red Barchetta instead of the album version when it thinks it’s playing Moving Pictures…

An example of a bad Siri handoff is “Hey Siri open Robinhood” and the actively used phone passing off to HomePod for Siri to say she can’t open apps.

I find that I want to say “Hey HomePod” to address it sometimes. I don’t think they’ll ever add that as an additional trigger phrase though. Might just be a growing pain.