I rewatched the Siri Shortcuts section of the keynote yesterday and I am beyond excited for the possibilities. I can already think of so many automations that should be available this fall. Cueing them with HomePod in the morning will blow away my current Amazon experience.

Bought a new router (Netgear R6700) and my internet speed has increased 10 fold, and I can catch my WiFi from the apartment gym, eliminating the need to tinker with tethering. Oh, and Spotify and Overcast AirPlay work now. Should have done this months ago.

Brought HomePod to the beach trip this weekend and it was the best decision. Incredible how much sound comes out of this little thing.

“I thought Led Zeppelin was a person!” -Rachel Lauren Troch


Thanks to all my friends, new and old, for making this dub dub great.

Just gave a Bird and Lime a go from our AirBNB just over a mile away. Now I want a scooter fleet in Baltimore.

I hope there is a way to share your Siri Shortcut workflows. More to come at the WWDC State of the Union.

Walking into AltConf to watch the keynote #WWDC18

Super hyped to try 11.4 and AirPlay 2 on HomePod. I hope that fixes my streaming woes from Spotify at my place.