For how often my AirPods fall out while walking (aka never) I get abnormally nervous walking over street grates with them in.

Haven’t used my 2012 MacBook Pro’s keyboard in a long time. I have to say, I much prefer the keyboard on the 2017. It just needs to be reliable.

Sometimes I forget that I have cross posting from my blog turned on. Too bad Twitter won’t let me fix typos. Another pro of owning your content and

Yesterday I was asking Siri via AirPods connected to my phone to “Play Stargazer by Rainbow” and it kept saying “I can’t find Stargazer Buy.” Asked HomePod and it immediately started playing the right thing. I don’t understand how Siri can be so dense at times.

Part One of Infinity War did not disappoint. I think they did a great job of balancing the super hero problem where it seems like two gods fighting until one happens to win. There was a range of power.

As I tend to do after a great concert, I’ve had Steven Wilson on loop the last few days. Really loving Pariah off his new album To The Bone. The vocal harmony with Ninet Tayeb is fantastic. They projected her head singing as a hologram during the show, wish I had a photo.

Couldn’t help but think of Steven Wilson as a musical mastermind conducting his music last night. Amazing show. Loved Craig Blundell’s precise drumming and the surround sound utilized for vocal harmonies and sound effects. Never experienced a sonic landscape like that live.

Fitting that my Varmillo mechanical keyboard turns 1 right around the time I’ve started thinking about getting a second mechanical keyboard.

Gonna be a cool show at the DC9 tonight. Thank You Scientist!