Anyone have wallet suggestions? I’ve been using this for the past few years and its served me well, just getting worn out. Highly considering just buying a fresh one but wanted to see if anyone had anything in particular they’d recommend.

Unhealthy Relationship with Rest Days

As I have gotten into the routine of working out every day, I have run into a problem: Rest Days. Anyone with an Apple Watch knows how it incentives 30 minutes of exercise every day. This month was near perfect besides the day after WWDC. I’m working towards my 3rd straight perfect week badge. But I think my body is telling me today to take a rest day, and this isn’t the first time. Today I’m feeling especially run down and its a busy evening so I am contemplating a rest day more so than ever. I think my fear with taking a day off is associate with my fear of losing momentum. I need to get over the rings and focus on what will truly result in a healthy lifestyle.

Disappointing primaries today; none of the candidates I thought were best for the job got through to the next round. It’s really hard to come from outside the establishment and win. Most of the candidates I backed are young and I hope they remain politically active.

I promise I’ll get to grad school and stop testing in just a moment.

On it. Grad school project and bad sleep last night isn’t stopping this streak.

HomePod deal was enough for me to order a second. Time to test AirPlay 2 and Stereo Pair. We’ll see if my 1000 sq ft apartment will keep two HomePods…

Biking around to different buildings at work was amazing before it was balls hot outside. Shuttle until it cools down, I suppose.

Wearing my ATP polo at my jobby job for the first time. So glad they made this!

Deciding to go to the gym every day turns out to be a really straight forward way to hack my brain into working out. Previously I wanted to go 3-4 times a week and I would barter with future self and never make the time. Excited to see where this habit goes.