So I have Alt Conf, ATP, and Relay.FM tickets… and Southwest flights booked…

10 bucks and 29000 refundable points in the hole.

Yeah. I think I’ll see you all there.

WWDC dates are as suspected… I really need to make a decision now if I am going to go again.

For Siri to take the next step on iOS, it needs to stop being a full screen experience. Perhaps the iPhone X home indicator could become the waveform. Siri should work alongside what you’re doing, not overtake it.

Anyone know if there is a way to speed up Garageband playback when editing a podcast?

So, turns out when you play the track, you do get the studio version. But all the meta data and album art would never make you think that, including the track length. I honestly don’t know how you could even code something up to bug out like this.

Go to iTunes, search for Domino off Invisible Touch, add to playlist. Every time I get the version from when I saw them live in 2007. Even straight out of the Apple Music area. Maddening.

Yesterday I made a whole bunch of scripts and aliases to simplify my every day development workflow. I know I’m late to the party but it was an interesting exercise naming these aliases and identifying the scripts worth my time to create.

I frequently got live versions when I asked for songs, which I just don’t understand. Shouldn’t the canonical studio album version always be the choice when you ask for a specific song?

Jason Snell on HomePod. I’ve experienced the same thing and it’s maddening.

Learned yesterday you can reclaim stand hours by adding a 1 minute walk workout via the Health app. Since I can’t always wear my Apple Watch, this is a nice trick. Perfect month, here I come.