If you ever need a logo, @joec is your guy. Loving the work he did for my LLC.

Introducing another podcast this morning! Chris, Peter, and I decided to start a Ravens podcast this season and we created a teaser episode to discuss the 2019 schedule and draft. Name suggestions and feedback are welcomed! For now, it’s on our old home, The Prog Rock Block.

I’m writing welcome postcards to newly admitted UMBC students and I’m confident it’s the most handwriting I’ve used since I went there myself.

Two years is a bit late to roll out the welcome wagon, wouldn’t you say?

It was fantastic to swing some clubs yesterday for the first time since 2017. Good to get the wrist moving again.

Also, I’m obsessed with my new Papaya watch band.

All booked for Release Notes! Can’t wait to see everyone there.

Really hope AirPods 2 come out this month. My day 1 AirPods can’t even make it through a 20 minute call.