Did The Good Place deliver the best closing of TV history? Potentially.

I will forever loath waiting in LINE for a online concert ticket… When can I start to line up?! It comes at no cost of time or attention, its so stupid.

I’m seeing the Phosphate Inline font everywhere lately. Not against it since I have chosen it before too.

Where are HairPods?

While listening to episode 280 of Upgrade on vacation, I think I figured out why we still haven’t seen an Apple branded over ear headphone while Beats has released what many would assume the technological equivalent.

My hunch is that Apple wants to make a statement about these studio grade headphones and that technology isn’t ready yet. Latency.

As someone who edits audio using AirPods and AirPods Pro regularly, I can tell you the latency, while improving, isn’t ideal for most of the podcast editing I do. That said, it is not that big of a deal and the conveniences of AirPods make it worth it. However with professional music applications and studios where mobility isn’t a primary concern, the technology isn’t there yet.

I think when Apple does release an over the ear headphone, they will embrace its ability to be used in professional studio applications because of a latency breakthrough.

The cool thing about traveling during a Ravens playoff game is that everyone who sees you in Ravens attire doesn’t expect it and yells Go Ravens! Love the excitement around this game.

Did that thing where I tried to nap when I got home and ended up just sleeping through my alarm. So now it’s 2:30am and I’m fully rested.

Today should be interesting.

All I want for Christmas is a Ravens Super Bowl victory. #bigtruss