Inspired by Joe’s post about Tally and tracking some of my habits so I can have more data in my life and work towards goals.

Couldn’t resist another watch band. Now to keep the white pearl-y clean

Full day of use in New York City, using GPS to get around, etc. Just hit 20% while taking the screenshot. I’m impressed with iPhone X’s battery life.

Woke up just in time to capture this beautiful sunrise. No filter. Shot on iPhone X.

Looking forward to a weekend in NYC with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. It’ll also be a nice stress test of iPhone X battery life without my normal trickle charging habits.

Hosted a Greek Taverna themed Applicant Dinner for prospective Johns Hopkins Pediatric Residents. First time having to cook at this scale and I think it went well!

Just gave a talk at Towson University about how to start somewhere new and the importance of a side hustle. Also used Fin for the first time to track my time. Loved it.

Actually shipping something is hard. I am reminded of this as I continue to work on my app idea. For my class, I’ll have to turn it in this week but for the world I’m going to struggle to feel like it’s good enough to release.

Pretty close seats for 50 bucks. Nice Ravens victory that is helping me for my pursuit of second in fantasy football.