Last night was a great reminder of the wonderful family, friends, and music in my life. Steven Wilson, keep on making music and bringing people together.

Awesome to see this video of Penny Rheingans discussing the gap in computing. Though she is no longer at UMBC, she’s still doing amazing work getting more women in the field.

Going to my Mac to do a programming assignment for grad school and I just tapped the screen. That’s what happens when you use an iPad almost full time these days…

(no joke almost just tapped the post button 🤦🏼‍♂️)

Well this could certainly be an issue… my Yeti microphone lights up when I plug it into the new iPad but it doesn’t get recognized. Glad I haven’t sold my 10.5 yet. Anyone else able to reproduce this issue? I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I have to get a hub with power delivery, but I thought iPad would be able to supply enough power.

Update: Seems like it has something to do with the adapter I was using. Though it seems to work fine on my Mac, it gives me mixed results on iPad. However, a nicer adapter I have for my work computer works just fine, so I think I just need to get one that wasn’t 5 bucks on Amazon so Rachel could use her old printer.

I’d love to hear Apple’s rationale for the Home Indicator on iPad Pro given that home button iPads work identically without it. This is made even worse given the fact that it breaks otherwise fine apps from going edge to edge.

“Your guy’s unabated enthusiasm for voting helped me get my butt out there today. Now imma lie in bed and watch queer eye and pass out”


Imagining a world where Xcode runs on iPad Pro. The “simulator” would be the actual device, a second monitor can be plugged into the USB C port. Gimme.