As I was trying to figure out my top albums of 2018, I started to realize that a lot that I have been listening to was from the last two years. Guess I’m slow on the discovery these days. For simplicity sake, I’ll probably make the list New to Me in 2018.

My kind of Christmas Eve. Not much is better than watching a concert movie in surround sound.

Call me a homer but I think the Ravens can give anyone a run for their money with their style of play.

Just saw a naked matte black iPhone 7 in the wild and was reminded how beautiful of a finish that was.

While I am critiquing iOS, does it drive anyone else batty how iPad’s volume down interaction instantly goes to zero after briefly holding down the button, completely inconsistent with iPhone’s behavior?

That feeling when you were nearly done a new blog post and your editor crashed, leaving you with nothing. And the rewrite doesn’t feel as good. Sigh.

I just shook my 12.9 inch iPad to undo an unintentional email archival. There has to be a better way.

Now that my bedside charging set up is a total mess of unique white cables, I had a thought. I wonder how feasible it would be for Apple to add a Qi coil to the Smart Keyboard Folio. It might take all night to charge my iPad, but luckily, I do have all night.

Nice side benefit of having the USB C to Headphone adapter constantly on your nice headphones – you can now plug them on the left hand side of your MacBook for natural cable management.

I ended up sticking with iPad. Last time I did this, it was with the 10.5 and my hands would get disoriented because of the half sized keys near the outer edge. My hands didn’t get nearly as confused on the more spacious 12.9 keyboard.