Face ID made me realize I look at my phone like this a lot.

Wireless charging at your desk is amazing. Pro tip though, get one that props the iPhone on an angle for a better Face ID experience.

Jabbing at non existent home buttons is such a weird feeling.

Just ordered two Qi chargers for my work and home office. Through the delight of Amazon Prime, they will be at my place before me tonight.

It’s been too long since I’ve been here. Reliving Halloween of two years ago by coming back.

I’ve really enjoyed my iPhone 7 Plus. The matte black finish was a great color that I still enjoy looking at. Wish there was a true stealth black option for the X, though I’m liking the Silver a lot.

Hot take: I could immediately tell that the Series 3 Apple Watch is thicker than my Series 0. Looking forward to seeing how the improved performance will change my experience.

It happened. I was stopped at work about my Rush lanyard and we proceeded to geek out about the band for a very long time.