Go to iTunes, search for Domino off Invisible Touch, add to playlist. Every time I get the version from when I saw them live in 2007. Even straight out of the Apple Music area. Maddening.

Yesterday I made a whole bunch of scripts and aliases to simplify my every day development workflow. I know I’m late to the party but it was an interesting exercise naming these aliases and identifying the scripts worth my time to create.

I frequently got live versions when I asked for songs, which I just don’t understand. Shouldn’t the canonical studio album version always be the choice when you ask for a specific song?

Jason Snell on HomePod. I’ve experienced the same thing and it’s maddening.

Learned yesterday you can reclaim stand hours by adding a 1 minute walk workout via the Health app. Since I can’t always wear my Apple Watch, this is a nice trick. Perfect month, here I come.

A car innovation for city dwellers would be adaptive parallel parking so cars are always optimally positioned. Currently my block is full of barely-too-small spots.

Siri really doesn’t know it’s audience sometimes. I asked for Aja. Instead of the Steely Dan album I’ve listened to several times, I got this.

I will forever and always be bothered by Ticketmaster every time I buy tickets to a show. 45 buck tickets with over 20 dollars in fees per head. It’s just crazy.

Sometimes I hold my iPad Pro sans Smart Keyboard and I can’t believe how thin and light this powerful device is. The awe I experience is similar to my thoughts on the first iPad in 2010. It’s remarkable how far the device has come.