After getting some good deals while planning my trip to London, I’ve started to look into going to WWDC again. But because of prior commitments, if it’s the week of June 4th I’ll have to skip out this year.

🎶 I’ve been working on an album review for a few days and in the process I rediscovered Crazy by Seal. What a song.

For the first Micro Monday I’d like to recommend you follow @joec. I love his thoughtful posts and black and white photography. You can also find more of his writing on his long form blog.

In other news, my Echo decided to get a software update last night at 3am and announce it to us whilst fast asleep. I know you can set up do not disturb, but there should be some common sense in that cylinder’s code.

After years of working with at least 2 monitors, just working on my laptop this morning has felt constricting. I’ve opened four spaces which has helped a lot.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on a 2018 budget which has been a cool experience because I haven’t ever done a year long budget before. This process has also made me start to think about making a time budget too. I need to be more disciplined about side projects.

Going back and looking at Palm’s demise still makes me sad. I remember wanting a Pre so bad when I was on Verizon stuck with Blackberry or Android. If they had the resources, they might have been able to give Apple a true run for their money.