Fitting that my Varmillo mechanical keyboard turns 1 right around the time I’ve started thinking about getting a second mechanical keyboard.

Gonna be a cool show at the DC9 tonight. Thank You Scientist!

It’s the little things like a toaster oven being added to your kitchenette at work that make coming in every day notably better.

As I move more of my workflow to iPad, I am starting to realize how many developers don’t have any keyboard shortcut support that you’d expect. I know Google was slow to roll out split view to products like Sheets but I didn’t realize that I couldn’t even use arrow keys to navigate cells.

If there was an “in app purchase” for HomePod to never mention that it’s weather data comes from again, I’d pay it.

Last night I had a nightmare involving my manager telling me I could no longer have my electric water kettle at my desk. If this doesn’t give you an insight into my psyche, I’m not sure what will.