Two remarkable games of football. Can’t believe the defense tried to light up Diggs instead of wrap him up. The Vikings make for a better story; I’m looking forward to next weekend’s games. 🏈

It’s a 🏈 kind of day. The Jags are off to an impressive start. Hoping to finish this album review today, too.

Feature request: if my AirPods case is at 20% or less, send a push notification to my phone. I won’t mind.

Last week it was colder than I can remember. Right now if feels like Spring. Maryland weather in a nutshell.

After getting some good deals while planning my trip to London, I’ve started to look into going to WWDC again. But because of prior commitments, if it’s the week of June 4th I’ll have to skip out this year.

🎶 I’ve been working on an album review for a few days and in the process I rediscovered Crazy by Seal. What a song.

For the first Micro Monday I’d like to recommend you follow @joec. I love his thoughtful posts and black and white photography. You can also find more of his writing on his long form blog.

In other news, my Echo decided to get a software update last night at 3am and announce it to us whilst fast asleep. I know you can set up do not disturb, but there should be some common sense in that cylinder’s code.