It would be amazing if you could tie Siri Shortcuts to Alarms or calendar events. Back when I had an Android phone 6 years ago I was able to schedule text messages. Just that functionality alone would make me happy.

And through a turn of unexpected events, Shortcuts beta access requested. Yesterday was a good day.

Welp, my laptop is now considered vintage. I guess I should get serious about that iMac budget.

Anyone have wallet suggestions? I’ve been using this for the past few years and its served me well, just getting worn out. Highly considering just buying a fresh one but wanted to see if anyone had anything in particular they’d recommend.

Disappointing primaries today; none of the candidates I thought were best for the job got through to the next round. It’s really hard to come from outside the establishment and win. Most of the candidates I backed are young and I hope they remain politically active.