🍕 I’m always amused by the pizza slice dynamic at working meetings. Everyone takes two to start and gradually gets their third, though an order was made so everyone could have three. 🍕

My new, shorter, commute is making me fall further behind in podcasts. Hard to listen to all my favorites these days, let alone anything else.

I’ve mathematically graduated Grad School. So glad for that chapter to be over.

One more rotation around the sun (and a leap day) until I get to marry this incredible person. Can’t wait.

📷 Rachel Smith is awesome. 10/10 would recommend.

I’m seeing Endgame tonight at 7pm. Is now a good time to stop drinking water like its going out of style?

I might be one of the few people enjoying the Taylor Swift interviews / announcements in between picks of the NFL Draft. My interests collide.

If you ever need a logo, @joec is your guy. Loving the work he did for my LLC.

Introducing another podcast this morning! Chris, Peter, and I decided to start a Ravens podcast this season and we created a teaser episode to discuss the 2019 schedule and draft. Name suggestions and feedback are welcomed! For now, it’s on our old home, The Prog Rock Block.