Whenever I come back to my iPad Pro, the ProMotion display blows me away. Can’t wait to see it come to iPhone.

Going to finish up some longer blog posts about Apple Watch, including thoughts on each type of band and the overall status of Apple Watch Series 3. I’ve been wanting to for a while and with a plethora of friends and family asking about it this holiday season, its time.

No grad school and no one home means bumping A Farewell to Kings in surround sound. Haven’t done this since college.

I gave Gboard another chance after @imyke suggested it again on this weeks Connected but I switched back to the standard keyboard. For me, my accuracy was much worse and I missed the text selection features. I’d welcome swiping though.

Was able to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour! When she first started I wouldn’t have believed you that one day I would be fan. But here we are.

So I did know myself. For some reason the site didn’t include Orange Crush but the in app playlist did. Haven’t listened to it between now and then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

End of semester Macallan to celebrate a successful final presentation. Got some great feedback on my app that I look forward to implementing. Next step, going to market!

With that said, I still think its bonkers you can turn off an iPhone without entering a pin or validating with Face ID. Kinda defeats the whole purpose that I was trying to solve before.

I’m not one to put security in front of convenience, but I recommend turning off Control Center on the lock screen. With iPhone X and Face ID, I find that I am able to use it when I want, but a thief couldn’t turn on Airplane Mode via it or Siri without my authentication.

Ah yes, this was the year of getting obsessed with Green Day and rediscovering Alter Bridge. And now you have a peek of the songs I loop a lot when doing work. Surprised Orange Crush didn’t make the list this year.