”If there is a bad decision that can be made, Twitter will find a way to do it—they’ve proven that over and over again.”

Well said, Jim.

I’ve never won more than 10 games in a challenge so I feel really good about this.

Woah, just saw the big Baltimore bike news. It’s a shame that the bikeshare never got traction but I think Lime dockless bikes + Bird scooters have the potential to be a much better mobility solution.

Biked to the train station today and it was a great reminder that public transportation can be wonderful. Got a lot done on the train instead of sitting in traffic. I hope to make this the new normal.

I don’t know if you can find a nicer, more welcoming community than indie iOS developers.

Great seats, a garden gnome giveaway, and a bike lighting kit all for free because we biked to the game. #sharetheroad

Heavily considering investing in a nice electric scooter and using it plus the train to get to work every day…