Just applied to be an election judge. Things I never thought I would say in 2016.

The first three weekends after Hamilton came out I watched it. Last weekend I watched hours of music theory videos about the soundtrack. And you can imagine what I just put on in the background as I do some tasks…

iOS 14 seems snappy and responsive. Going to do some testing tonight and maybe iPad will be running it by tomorrow. Great work Apple! #WWDC20 will be a treat this year.

For YEARS I have punted updating my Apple ID email in fear that something would break. I just did it and um… it was totally anti-climatic. Should have done this eons ago.

I dare you to listen to “You Bet Your Life” by Rush and not be air drumming and dancing around by the outro.

Sign of the times – over a third of my iPad’s battery has gone towards video chat platforms over the last 10 days.

Measuring my desk area for a hypothetical iMac and sit stand desk setup. Wish there were more 5K monitor options – Dislike the idea of having a gorgeous monitor I can’t use with a work laptop, but also don’t want a Mac Mini. Hopefully a new iMac has display pass through again.

Two years ago, I pulled 10 years of historical weather data for this day. And what a beautiful day it is.

Can someone remind me why Maryland has a presidential primary?