Checked to see if we have HBO for Pod Save America tonight (thought we got it for free when we got our first year). Not only do we have it, but it’s playing Taken which I’ve wanted to rewatch for a real long time. This will be an awesome night.

Pleasure brewing beer with these two. We may not have won, but after kicking the keg and getting so many compliments, it was a very rewarding day. Looking forward to many more!

A coworker still uses an iPhone 4 on iOS 7. I couldn’t believe that I ever used a phone so small. I also couldn’t believe his phone’s battery was still fine 8 years later.

Just saw the most recent Kavanaugh news… I’m really glad Rachel and I pushed off our engagement photos because of fleet week. It’s hard to smile right now.

Just pulled out my X to send it back to Apple and it’s insane how the body adjusts. Silly tiny toy 😂

I’ll miss it though, this device was transformative.

Hour 0: Goodness this device is big. It was hard to tap that notification!
Hour 1: I’ve missed the larger keyboard, this is nice.
Hour 3: Plus size device hand techniques are remembered.
Hour 5: 5.8 sized device, nice knowing you.

Found out that Apple’s GiveBack program values stainless steel watches 20 dollars higher than the aluminum equivalent. The prices on that program are actually really good for them, but absolutely a joke for stainless buyers.

Today I inadvertently forgot to start my workout and thought to myself, “No worries! The new Apple Watch update will catch it!”

It didn’t.

On the bright side, today I crossed the tens place threshold that I like to celebrate. On to the next one! 💪🏼