Really hope AirPods 2 come out this month. My day 1 AirPods can’t even make it through a 20 minute call.

The reason HomePod is a delightful product is not because they are great speakers. It’s because you can say “play me something I’d like” and get lost in hours of great tunes. I never listened to music around the house as much before, even with great sound, because of the friction

I don’t think Apple would ever allow it, but I’d love to access a few iPhone apps on my iPad in split screen, even if it meant it hovered in the middle of the split.

After years, it finally happened. My HID token returned 2112 in the string of numbers.

This bar has a jukebox. 4 plays for 1 buck. Jukebox Hero, Black Hole Sun, Freebird, and Roll With The Changes queued up 🎶

One silver lining of my car stereo’s habit of rebooting when its really frigid outside is that I turned on the radio right as the opening chord of Fly By Night hit. I made sure to recreate the Volkswagen commercial to the best of my ability.