Yes, I have a keyboard attached to my iPad right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to use dictation. I surely want to use it more often than I want to scribble. Why its not available from the quick type bar and requires a long press absolutely baffles me.

These TVs incorporating AirPlay and HomeKit are starting to create an argument for me to upgrade my setup and jump into 4K and HDR. That said, the cost of going OLED, which is a requirement for me, will likely halt any purchases.

Really happy with how this episode of Overanalyzed came out. We discuss Maryland’s recently passed bill focused on bringing Computer Science education to all schools in all zip codes. After that, we discuss our holiday and goals for the podcast and ourselves in 2019.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to Genesis’ Duke all the way through, but I can tell you it was too long ago. 🎵

If I could buy any tech gadget right now, it would be a wireless pair of noise canceling headphones with tremendous sound quality, low latency, and easy pairing like AirPods. Sadly, they don’t exist.

As I was trying to figure out my top albums of 2018, I started to realize that a lot that I have been listening to was from the last two years. Guess I’m slow on the discovery these days. For simplicity sake, I’ll probably make the list New to Me in 2018.

My kind of Christmas Eve. Not much is better than watching a concert movie in surround sound.

Call me a homer but I think the Ravens can give anyone a run for their money with their style of play.

Just saw a naked matte black iPhone 7 in the wild and was reminded how beautiful of a finish that was.

While I am critiquing iOS, does it drive anyone else batty how iPad’s volume down interaction instantly goes to zero after briefly holding down the button, completely inconsistent with iPhone’s behavior?