Two friends have made us engagement presents with the word “Huzzah” on them. Our kids are going to think that it was a frequently used exclamation back in our day when in reality it was just their dorky dad trying to bring it back into the vernacular.

Development Paralysis

When it became clear that I would not have my golf app finished in time for this year’s season, I decided to halt development and consider another app idea that wasn’t seasonal. As I began to workshop the idea, it became fairly clear that the app would best be served as an iOS and Mac app.

Well, we might get a new UI framework this summer to do just that.

So instead of building this spring I’ve been waiting. I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed in myself for procrastinating on this project, even if I can rationalize a reason to do so. This time of year is when many established iOS and Mac developers refine what they already have, but as a new comer to the space, I feel guilty for not creating and simply waiting.

I am always in the business of getting synths worth thousands for a couple bucks. Back when we performed, my iPads were the engine for all our keyboards. We had more options than we knew what to do with. I just wish there was a way to streamline all these apps for performance.

Hosting Chicken & Waffles tomorrow so I tried frying chicken for the first time tonight. Pretty happy with the first iteration.

When Apple announces new watch bands I look at my budget, it looks at me, and there is a bit of a stand off 😂. There is a budget for it but I think I should just enjoy the 12 I already have.

Decided to try the Pomodoro method while working from home today. Of course there was an Alexa skill waiting for me.