Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

SAIC Intern

Over the past two summers I have interned for SAIC in Columbia, MD. During my first summer I was a Computer Engineering Intern. I programmed an I2C bus interface in VHDL. This new implementation allowed us to use faster and cheaper hardware. I also programmed a utility that would parse and clean up data files […]

Teaching Assistant

For the second half of my college career, I have been serving as a Teaching Assistant or TA at UMBC. I have helped bring to life two new learning experiences in the College of Computer Science and Engineering. As a TA I was responsible for helping design and grade assignments, occasionally present information in class, and […]

AccessMT: The Accessible Multitouch Table

During my sophomore year of college I worked on an accessibility project with Dr. Shaun Kane and Matthew Forr as part of UMBC’s The Pad Research Lab. We built from scratch a multitouch table with blind accessibility in mind. The table was made completely out of commercially available parts. I presented (download PowerPoint) my research findings at […]

Apple Campus Rep

After working at my local Apple Store for several months, I transitioned to being the Apple Campus Rep at UMBC. During this time I worked closely with the bookstore and other student groups on campus to hold events to showcase how Apple technologies can be used in education. I helped answer student’s questions about different […]

The Prog Rock Block

The Prog Rock Block started off as a show I did on my own but it didn’t blossom until I started doing the show with my co-host Chris. We now have listeners from all over the world! We absolutely love delivering the Proggy Goodness each week to our listeners. The Prog Rock Block has its […]

The Tech of Tomorrow

I am a Staff Writer for The Retriever Weekly and I publish a column I call “The Tech of Tomorrow.” The column focuses on bleeding edge technology that is just entering the market. You can find all my articles here.